• Window Blow-Out, 1976

    The following two paragraphs are quoted from Gordon Matta-Clark: A Retrospective, a catalogue that Keith found at a garage sale for 25 cents. Beginning of quote: Invited to an exhibition of work by architects and artists, “Idea as Model,” Gordon Matta-Clark elected to show not a new vision of architecture or planned proposal, but the current […]

  • Canada Gallery

    Here’s a little note about Canada Gallery’s latest. In the past year they’ve had several exhibitions that made a couple of friends and I use the term trash-art with regularity. It seems that we couldn’t really decide whether trash-art was something we wanted to be or was something we wanted to work against. Ever since one heart-stopper […]

  • The Vampire

    The Jack Goldstein painting exhibition opened at Metro Pictures tonight. All paintings on display were made from 1980 to 1985. I was excited because I had heard about these paintings for a long time, first through a teacher of mine and also because of reading Jack Goldstein and the Cal Arts Mafia back in September. I was […]